2pm Saturday 21st September 2019

Dancing with the Gods by Kent Nerburn

Our September walk is scheduled to coincide with Somerset Art Works' 25th Anniversary Festival and so we have chosen an appropriate title that has been described as 'A tender and beautifully written guide for anyone working in the arts.'

When Kent Nerburn received a letter from Jennifer, a young woman questioning her calling to spend her life in the arts, the writer and artist was struck by how closely her questions mirrored the doubts and yearnings of his own youth.


Nerburn resolved that he would write his own letter: a letter of welcome and encouragement to all young artists setting out on the same strange and magical journey, sharing the wisdom of a life spent working in the arts.

From struggles with money and the bitterness of rejection, to spiritual questions of inspiration and authenticity, Dancing With the Gods offers insight, solace and courage to help young artists on the winding road to artistic fulfilment. Tender and joyous, it is a celebration of art’s power to transform the darkest of human experience and give voice to the grandest of human hopes.

If you wish to join the September walk and talk booking is essential.
'Tickets' are priced at £12.00 which includes a hard back copy of Dancing with the Gods (RRP £14.99) For those of you that already own a copy ticket price is £7.00
If you are based further afield but would like to attend we can pop a copy in the post, postage within the UK costs just £3.00, simply contact the shop to make arrangements.
Happy sociable dogs welcome.

'With a poet’s grace and a craftsman’s precision, Kent Nerburn has written a powerful and deeply moving meditation on what it means to live the life of an artist - and, ultimately, what it means to be human. Dancing With the Gods might be the most inspiring book you’ll read all year'
Daniel Pink


'Helpful, deceptively simple, straight-shooting, celebratory'
Margaret Atwood


'Kent Nerburn’s understanding of the transcendent nature of the creative process is vividly on display in his uplifting new book. His enthusiasm is contagious. Tune into his wise words and make something beautiful'
Rick Rubin


'A tender and beautifully written guide for anyone working in the arts … [a] little gem of a book'
the Wee Review


'Like Paulo Coelho, Nerburn takes on a spiritual grandfather role. [This] encouraging piece of text … hinges on well-researched, inspirational quotes from great artists. Sometimes that is what we all need … If you’re in need of a creative pick-me-up, cherish this'
dj Mag

we look forward to seeing you in September