Inspired by the pastoral creatures of the English countryside, The Peaceable Kingdom Cushions are organic, flowing and soft. 

These striking creatures are designed by Hugh Dunford Wood and printed by hand on organic Scottish linen using original lino blocks at the Peaceable Kingdom studio. Named after the celebrated work of the American folk painter Edward Hicks who brought all creatures, wild or tame, shy or brazen, predators and prey alike, to live together in harmony. We have welcomed them at Number Seven and hope you will find the perfect calm space for a wild thing to snooze in your home.

Delivery can be arranged throughout the UK and overseas, do contact us to place your order.

Each cover is printed by hand from a lino block which naturally gives them each their own character and prints will vary. We see this as a celebration and reminder that these are a hand produced product made with love. All cushions measure 52 x 35 cm and are filled with a feather pad.

Colours currently available are shadow blue | foggy grey | earth brown | blind black | berry red