2pm Saturday 20th June 2020

The Grassling by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

There is obviously much uncertainty at the moment regarding future events and gatherings. At present we do not plan to cancel our June walk and talk. We are of course carefully monitoring the news and guidance which is evolving daily and will make an informed decision nearer the time. 

'A subtle, moving celebration of place and connectedness . . . brings the sounds, smells and sights of the countryside alive like few other books'



With a blend of poetry, memoir and a uniquely experimental, sensory style of nature writing, The Grassling celebrates the lusciousness of both land and language ... Ideas that might in a lesser writer have seemed whimsical are grounded by the rich layers of Burnett's prose.


A poetic, lyrical tribute to the earth beneath our feet . . . Burnett is one of the freshest voices in the current crop of nature writers


This astonishingly beautiful ode to the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside . . . [evokes] a richly immersive sense of the natural world and our place within it.

Country Living

What fills my lungs is wider than breath could be. It is a place and a language torn, matted and melded; flowered and chiming with bones. That breath is that place and until I get there I will not really be breathing.

Spurred on by her father's declining health and inspired by the history he once wrote of his small Devon village, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett delves through layers of memory, language and natural history to tell a powerful story of how the land shapes us and speaks to us.
The Grassling is a book about roots: what it means to belong when the soil beneath our feet is constantly shifting, when the people and places that nurtured us are slipping away.
If you wish to join our June walk and talk booking is essential. To book your place simply call Number Seven Dulverton on 01398 324457 during our opening hours.
'Tickets' are priced at £8 which includes a hardback copy of The Grassling (rrp £14.99) For those of you that already own a copy ticket price is £5.00. If you are based further afield but would like to attend we can pop a copy in the post, postage within the UK costs just £3.00.
Happy sociable dogs welcome.
If you require accommodation Loyton Lodge, Knapp House and Mounsey End offer a 10% discount to guests who are staying in order to join our Walking Book Club.
we look forward to seeing you in the summer. . .