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Titles currently available, many signed & doodled in!
The House Without Windows
HB £12.99
stamped first edition copies in stock

This is the irresistible and entirely unique story of one little girl's desire to escape into the wilderness.

Little Eepersip doesn't want to live in a house with doors and windows and a roof, so she runs away to live in the wild - first in the Meadow, then by the Sea, and finally in the Mountain. Her heartbroken parents follow her, bringing her back home to 'safety' and locking her up in the stifling square of the house. But she slips away once more, following her heart into the richness of untrammelled nature and disappearing forever.

First published in 1927 and written by a child of just twelve years old, The House Without Windows is an extraordinary paean to the transcendent beauty of the natural world, and the human capacity to connect with it.

Copies purchased from Number Seven Dulverton are stamped with a silver mountain hare which make them just that little extra special.





'An enchanting book. These pages simply quiver with the beauty, happiness and vigour of forests, sea and mountains . . . I can safely promise joy to any reader of it. Perfection.'

Eleanor Farjeon


The Secret of the Tattered Shoes
Signed HB £12.99
signed & stamped first edition copies in stock

The Secret of the Tattered Shoes is a fresh interpretation of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tale about twelve princesses who are locked in at night, yet whose dancing shoes are still worn down by morning.A young soldier is tasked to discover their night-time adventures. But unlike the story told by the Brothers Grimm, this soldier seeks a different ending. Jackie’s dark and poetic text updates this well-known tale and shows how stories evolve and adapt over time.

Beautifully illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi, who has created stunning puppet-like illustrations in rich and delicate detail, this unique illustrative style brings the story to life and perfectly encapsulate the beauty and melancholy of the story.

Pre order copies will be signed and can also be dedicated. Do contact us to place your personalised request.

The Lost Words Spell Songs
HB £20.00 with CD
signed & stamped copies in stock

The Lost Words: Spell Songs is a 112 page book with 14 track CD of new works.


'Eight visionary musicians, an astonishing book of magical spells - a chance to sing nature back to life.'


The Lost Words: Spell Songs is a new musical companion piece to The Lost Words and features renowned folk artists including Julie Fowlis, Karine Polwart and Kris Drever. 


New 'spells' have been written by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie has created a collection of stunning new illustrations.


As you would expect editions purchased from Number Seven Dulverton are just a little extra special as they are stamped with our little jenny wren that Jackie drew for us when The Lost Words was first published.

The Lost Words Spell Songs
2020 Calendar £14.99

The paintings in this calendar are wild portraits of each musician who contributed to the project and their instruments, which were produced to accompany the sleeve notes for the Spell Songs CD. These are not the spirit animals of each musician, rather the musicians are the spirit human for each wild thing. 

The Lost Words
HB £20.00
stamped copies in stock
winner of the The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2019

All over the country, there are words disappearing from children's lives. These are the words of the natural world - Dandelion, Otter, Bramble and Acorn, all gone. The rich landscape of wild imagination and wild play is rapidly fading from our children's minds.

The Lost Words stands against the disappearance of wild childhood. It is a joyful celebration of nature words and the natural world they invoke. With acrostic spell-poems by award-winning writer Robert Macfarlane and hand-painted illustration by Jackie Morris, this enchanting book captures the irreplaceable magic of language and nature for all ages.

Copies of The Lost Words purchased at Number Seven are rather extra special as they are stamped with a little golden wren and Robert Macfarlane's poem entitled 'Heartwood.' Which he hopes will act as charm against the unjust felling of trees; especially those whose branches breath green life into the city of Sheffield.


Also available are packs containing 20 postcards featuring the illustrations from this wonderful spell book priced at £12.99. They are perfect visual aids for classroom use, and of course posting to loved ones!

The Lost Words Audio CD

Across a rich and vivid natural soundscape, Edith Bowman, Guy Garvey, Cerys Matthews and Benjamin Zephaniah, iconic voices of modern Britain, bring the magic of nature and language to listeners. Through captivating readings, wonderful natural recordings and more, the audio edition of The Lost Words is a stunning celebration of the nature and the power of language.

We think this audio version of The Lost Words is just perfect for playing as school classes file into assembly.

The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems
HB £14.99
signed copies in stock

We are delighted that this beautiful anthology has just been republished by Barefoot Books.

Introduced by Carol Ann Duffy, these poems create an exquisite collection that traces our journey through life from birth to old age. Along the way, the works of some of the finest poets in the English language celebrate all kinds of human experience: the wide-eyed wonder and adventure of childhood, the magnificence of the natural world and the animal kingdom, the mystery of love and the tragedy of war. Each page is superbly illustrated by Jackie Morris, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

Tell Me a Dragon
HB £17.99 signed copies in stock
HB £25.00 artist edition signed & numbered in stock

Dragons come in every shape and size. In lyrical words and breathtakjing pictures, children describe their dragons – and in a final gathering of fire, scales and claws you can imagine your own special dragon.

In this enchanting picture book by award-winning artist and author Jackie Morris, explore a world of dragons through lyrical text and beautifully realised illustrations. Now available in this large, high-quality production format for full enjoyment of the artwork and the fantastical creatures it presents.

‘A truly imagination-stirring read that will excite young readers, ignote their imaginations and those of the adults reading to/with them.’ Early Years Educator

Can you See a Little Bear
HB £12.99
signed copies in stock

Where is Little Bear? In this charming look-and-find book, highlighted by Jackie Morris's gorgeous animal fantasies, very young children explore theatrical and circus settings as they attempt to find the missing cub. The concepts of opposites, colours and contrasts are introduced in the read-aloud nursery verse and simple clues and vivid word images help children discover Little Bear, whether he is trying on a hat, standing on his head or floating in a balloon. Gradually Little Bear moves into a more familiar landscape of tea, bath and bedtime, a cue for little bears' bedtimes everywhere.

The White Fox
HB £10.99 PB £7.99
out of stock

The day the fox came things began to change for Sol. Lost, alone and far away from home, Sol feels a deep connection with the little Arctic fox he discovers down at the Seattle docks - he too feels lost in the big city. Dad is always busy working and Sol misses the grandparents they have left behind. So Sol decides to take the little fox back home, reuniting his own family in the process.

Mrs Noah's Pockets
HB £12.99
signed copies in stock

‘At last all were gathered inside the ark. It heaved with animals, large and small. Mrs Noah wore a brand-new coat, with a hood and a cape - and very deep pockets. Lots of pockets.’

When Mr Noah builds the ark, he makes two lists - one for all the animals who will come on board and one for those troublesome creatures he will leave behind. Meanwhile, Mrs Noah gets out her sewing machine and makes a coat with very deep pockets. Lots of pockets.

One Cheetah, One Cherry
HB £12.99
signed copies in stock

One cherry, one cheetah

Two dogs, two balls, one big, one small

Three bears, three bowls, three silver spoons

With playful words and beautiful animal paintings, this spectacular counting book features numbers up to ten in words and numerals, illustrated in watercolour, with gold and silver leaf, and including elephants, tigers, swans, mice and more.

The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow
HB £25.00
signed copies in stock

A collection of interconnected folk-tale inspired short stories by author, artist and illustrator Jackie Morris. Featuring musically-themed illustrations originally created for the charity Help the Musicians. Described by Jackie Morris as 'a catalyst to imagining'.

The Snow Leopard
HB £17.99 signed copies in stock
HB £25.00 artist edition signed & numbered in stock

A tale of magic and myth set amongst the Himalayan mountains, with Jackie’s glorious illustrations and lyrical text now matched by the lavish production values of this book. An instant classic.

As the Snow Leopard’s earthly life begins to wane, she searches for a pure and incorruptible soul to pass her knowledge and power to in order that the hidden valley can remain safe. For the Mergich Realm, the sacred and secret place guarded by spirits in animal form, is under threat from those from outside who would seek to exploit its riches.

The Ice Bear
HB £17.99 signed copies in stock
HB £25.00 artist edition signed & numbered in stock

This magical tale set in Jackie Morris’s stunning icy landscapes tells a tale of tolerance and understanding, and reminds us of our duty to take care of this world’s wild creatures.

In distant, icy, northern lands, the ice bear has given birth to two tiny cubs. As she sleeps, Raven the trickster steals one cub away, dropping him as a human child in the path of a hunter and his wife. The childless hunter and his wife rejoice at this wonderful gift and hold their new-found child close. As the years pass, the ice bear never forgets her second cub and pines for what she has lost to humans.

Something About a Bear
HB £12.99
signed copies in stock


Where the water churns with salmon, thick and rich with leaping fishes, there the brown bear stands and catches the wild king of the river.

With stunning watercolour paintings, this lyrical picture book - shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal - describes eight bears from all over the world, all shown in their wild habitats: Black Bear, Polar Bear, Sloth Bear, Spectacle Bear, Sunbear, Panda, Moonbear, Brown Bear.

The Seal Children
HB £12.99

signed copies in stock

When a fisherman falls in love with a selkie - half-woman, half-seal - she gives him her sealskin as a sign of her love, and bears him two children, Ffion and Morlo, before returning to her own people.

When a stranger comes to the village, telling of a land far away, the children remember their mother's stories of the cities of gold and pearls beneath the waves....

Presented in a beautiful, new, gift edition, this is a haunting story of love and freedom, for all ages.