EX Libris

In Shelley's pocket was a small book of Keats' poetry. . .
The Funeral of Shelley

Louis Édouard Fournier 1889

Welcome to our alternative library...

A new realm for Number Seven curated by the artists, poets, writers and book lovers that step across our threshold.


Discover the printed pages they would like engulfed by the golden flames of their funeral pyre, so that their soft grey ashes may coalesce and drift across the landscape for evermore.

JACKIE MORRIS: Internationally renowned illustrator and author

Best known for The Lost Words, Tell me a Dragon and The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow, Jackie's work is adored the world over.

Folklore, old gods and the road through midnight 

'...the first book I have read twice in one year'

'In the podcast I talk of the American covers for the series of books. This was because I was surprised that I liked them. The US market is so different from the UK, covers are often different, and usually I much prefer the UK ones. The Uk Covers for Bear and the Nightingale series are by Aitch and they are divine. They are, in truth, as with so many books, what made me pick up the books first.' Jackie Morris

Katherine was recently on tour in the UK and we are thrilled to have secured a number of signed copies of the hardback edition for our customers. 

Priced at £14.99 P&P within the UK is £3.00

Melanie Tyrrell: Faber and Alliance

Mel regularly visits Number Seven and her in-depth knowledge and genuine love of books plays a invaluable role when it comes to buying the titles we carefully select and stock. We discovered her chosen book by our kitchen fireside.

High adventure, sardines, spies and hidden territories 

'...this book affirms which century I belong to'

PAUL NEWMAN: Artist, Arborealist and Curator

Extensive walking, close observation and research about land and ‘place’ are integral to Paul's artistic practice. His detailed images are available as prints and cards from Number Seven. To discuss his chosen title it seemed only apt that we headed into the ancient woods of Exmoor.

Patriarchy, paganism and landscape

'...this book is my heart and soul'